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Address: 10222 Chimney Hill Ln
Dallas, TX 75243

Phone Number: 855-808-4213

Level of Care: Residential inpatient treatment

Who We Treat: Adults (18+)

Eating Disorder Solution’s Chimney Hill location focuses on providing the highest quality residential treatment for clients seeking help for eating disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions. Our cottage-style inpatient care facility within a quiet neighborhood feels like a home away from home — because it is. We pride ourselves in offering a safe, comfortable space to address the root causes of disordered eating and explore life in recovery.

With small treatment populations and a high staff-to-client ratio, Eating Disorder Solutions supports a more intimate, personalized level of care missing from larger facilities. Our team of knowledgeable eating disorder specialists take the time to truly get to know you and your story to better inform the treatment process. Likewise, our semi-private rooms and open communal spaces encourage clients to connect with each other and provide mutual support through the recovery journey.

Other amenities at our Chimney Hill location include: 

  • Local parks and trails for hiking, jogging, or biking
  • A private pool
  • Shopping centers and local entertainment

Inpatient treatment at Eating Disorder Solutions includes:

  • Supervised, chef prepared meals in accordance to a dietitian provided meal plan
  • Weekly experiential therapy outings to restaurants, groceries stores, and more
  • Five daily groups with focuses on nutrition, life skills training, and other topics
  • CBT, DBT, and other effective, trauma-informed therapy modalities
  • Expressive arts, yoga, and other supplemental offerings