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Fewer than half of individuals who suffer from eating disorders get the treatment they need. Some don’t understand the serious health complications that can develop or the potentially fatal consequences of not seeking treatment. Those who do seek help are often in a vulnerable place and require comprehensive care. At Eating Disorder Solutions, we provide a full continuum of treatment that involves guidance and support through every step of the recovery process, including outpatient eating disorder treatment.


At our premier facility in Dallas, Texas, we believe in using evidence-based and holistic services in our client-centered approach to treating eating disorders of all kinds. This combination of services allows us to address not only the eating disorders, but also the underlying causes of the disorders and the specific needs of each individual. Our goal is to tackle every aspect of the healing process.

Outpatient Eating Disorder Treatment Solutions

Our dedicated team makes every effort to make our outpatient eating disorder program (OP) accessible. We accept a large number of major insurance policies and offer financing options to make our program affordable.

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How Outpatient Eating Disorder Treatment Fits Into the Recovery Process

Eating Disorder Solutions Outpatient Treatment

Individuals treated at our facility suffer from a variety of eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating and OSFED. Our team of doctors, nurses, registered dietitians, psychologists and therapists work together to help clients address the root of their problems.


Since eating disorders are complex, we get to know each individual so that we can mold our programs and services according to his or her needs. Our outpatient eating disorder treatment program is designed to provide a supportive environment to ensure that individuals can maintain recovery on their own. It includes management by our entire team and has a more flexible schedule than our other programs.

Our OP eating disorder treatment is most suitable for individuals who are medically stable. It’s the lowest level of care offered at our facility and is meant to supplement the work they’ve already done in our more intense programs. Because of that, clients often request to enroll after they complete our intensive outpatient program.

What to Expect During Our Outpatient Eating Disorder Treatment Program

Eating Disorder Solutions’ outpatient eating disorder program includes one hour of therapy once or twice a week. We offer individual and group sessions, and the treatment team can determine which one will best meet individuals’ ongoing recovery needs.


During individual counseling, clients meet with one of our specialists in private sessions to continue strengthening their recovery efforts and to practice the coping and life skills that they learned in earlier treatment. In group counseling, they’ll meet with one of our specialists in sessions with others who are also in eating disorder recovery and have similar needs. Our staff uses a variety of therapies during outpatient eating disorder treatment. They determine which methods to use based on what works best for each client.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Eating Disorders

This form of psychotherapy is one of the most effective that therapists use to treat and support the management of eating disorders. CBT helps individuals recognize obstacles that keep them from living healthy lives. It’s based around how individuals perceive and react to situations. Negative perceptions and reactions generally lead to negative behaviors. In the case of eating disorders, struggling individuals often perceive their bodies in a negative light and have negative feelings about themselves. As a result, they develop destructive eating habits.


Through cognitive behavioral therapy, individuals learn how to change their own perceptions, build self-esteem and feel more positively about themselves. As a result, they develop more positive eating habits. Our standard outpatient eating disorder treatment program continues the progress that they’ve made during these sessions.

Outpatient Eating Disorder Recovery

Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

DBT Outpatient Therapy

Although DBT is a form of CBT, its main goals are to help individuals improve relationships, regulate emotions, live in the moment and cope with stress in healthy ways. Our team may use this form of treatment in private and group settings during our OP eating disorder treatment.


During group sessions, clients can expect to learn skills through role playing and completing homework assignments. During individual sessions, they adapt the skills that they’ve learned to personal, real-life situations.

Art Therapy

As a holistic treatment, art therapy might be an option during our outpatient eating disorder treatment. It includes a range of creative activities, including painting and drawing. We use the creative process to help individuals identify problem areas so that they know what to work on.


The focus during art therapy is on the inner experience that clients have while they create something. Through the act of making art, they become more aware of themselves and develop better cognitive function and coping mechanisms which support ongoing recovery.

Art Therapy for Outpatient Treatment

Additional Components of Our Outpatient Eating Disorder Treatment Program

Outpatient Eating Disorder Treatment Programs

Although individual and group therapy are the main focus of our outpatient eating disorder program, Eating Disorder Solutions also provides nutritional support. Our registered dietitians ensure that individuals are incorporating the healthy eating habits that they’ve learned into their daily routines.


Our goal is to help clients reconnect their bodies and minds so that they know what their bodies need on a nutritional level. During our standard outpatient eating disorder treatment program, individuals continue to receive the guidance needed to maintain the progress that they’ve made toward this goal.

Alongside nutritional support, we offer further aftercare assistance and an alumni program. With the goal of sustaining recovery, we hold a variety of support group meetings so that individuals can continue to connect and share their experiences with others who have been through similar situations. These services are particularly beneficial for those who don’t have supportive living environments or simply need help staying on track.

Other Levels of Care Offered at Eating Disorder Solutions

Since the purpose of our outpatient eating disorder treatment is to provide support in eating disorder recovery, we offer other levels of care for clients who need more intense treatment. In fact, our OP is the lowest level of care in our comprehensive lineup of programs. Before enrolling in OP eating disorder treatment, clients often complete our residential treatment program, partial hospitalization program (PHP) and intensive outpatient program (IOP).

Residential Eating Disorder Treatment Program

Residential treatment is a long-term care program that provides 24-hour supervision from our team of nurses, doctors, psychologists, therapists and registered dietitians. A typical day in our residential program involves 8 to 10 hours of therapy.


Individuals aged 18 and older live at our facility for the duration of treatment, which can range from a few weeks to several months. How much time that they spend in our care is based on their progress and specific recovery needs. For these reasons, it’s our highest level of care, which few treatment facilities offer.

Residential Eating Disorder Treatment Programs

PHP and IOP Treatments

IOP Treatment Programs

Our partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs don’t require individuals to live at our facility, and they’re available to those aged 14 and older. Similar to outpatient eating disorder treatment, clients live at home without 24-hour supervision and visit our facility for therapy throughout the week. Unlike during our OP eating disorder treatment, though, they spend more time in treatment.

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