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Dr. Ahsan M. Riaz, M.D.

Medical Doctor


BDS - General Pediatrics, 10 Years Experience

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Monday - Friday 09:00 - 5:00
Saturday 09:00 - 5:00
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Dr. Ahsan M. Riaz, M.D.

Dr. Ahsan Riaz was raised in Jersey City, New Jersey and completed his undergraduate degree with honors from Rutgers. He obtained his degree from Saint George’s University in Grenada. Thereafter, he completed a residency at New York Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn, an affiliate of Cornell University. Dr. Riaz is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, where for the last seven years, he has been actively practicing in Dallas. Dr. Riaz has nearly ten years of experience as an Internist, primarily catering to the mental health population at Medical City Hospital in Dallas. His experiences in the acute care setting led him to the post-acute care world in hopes of bridging the gap and potentially preventing medical problems from progressing to requiring inpatient care.

Dr. Riaz utilizes his knowledge and experience to provide treatment specifically to clients suffering from eating disorders, addiction, memory disorders, short and long term acute care, and others.