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Jerry Smith, Chef at Eating Disorder Solutions

Jerry has been cooking for over 40 years – a majority of the time working within senior living homes, helping to create healthy, nutritious, and satisfying meals for our clients. 

She enjoys working with people and learning what their likes and dislikes are in order to prepare food for their needs. She strongly believes food nourishes not just the body and brain but also a person’s soul. As a huge bonus, she enjoys baking and gardening – both of which she engages in with our clients, helping them learn how to bake various home-cooked pastries and delicacies. She also partakes in gardening when the clients enjoy time outside, guiding and helping them learn the ins and outs of curating a green thumb.

Working at Eating Disorder Solutions has been very rewarding for her, as she feels like she gets to invite people back to eating good food and also back into the kitchen to cook their food.