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Meghan Braak eating disorder recovery coach

Meghan is currently a recovery coach at the Weatherford location. She was raised in Dallas, TX. After completing her Bachelors in Child Development at Texas Woman’s University, she continued to Texas Wesleyan University where she earned her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.

As early as middle school, Meghan recognized her passion for helping those around her. From 8th grade to high school graduation, she was a constant helper with the SPED class. In college she interned at a woman’s shelter and after graduation worked with a non profit organization that provided nutritional meals to underprivileged children. Through grad school she worked regularly at the community counseling center on her campus. Meghan currently lives in Fort Worth, TX with her husband and two cats, Pixie and Dolly. She enjoys spending time with family, friends and loving on their animals.