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It takes courage to look for eating disorder treatment, and lasting recovery starts with the right level of care. Eating Disorder Solutions in Dallas, Texas, offers three eating disorder programs that implement a holistic approach to recovery. Our specialists address the underlying mental and physical aspects of eating disorders. In doing so, we can tackle the negative self-image and trauma-related issues that individuals often face.


Our team uses compassion, understanding, and decades of experience to help individuals process their feelings so that they can recover. In our mission to meet each person’s unique needs, we personalize every treatment plan. Our eating disorder treatment center also provides a continuum of care to ensure individuals have the tools to achieve and maintain healthy lives.

Eating Disorder Treatment Programs

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Our residential program offers the highest level of care among our eating disorder programs. In fact, our treatment center is one of the few that offers residential care for eating disorders. This intensive program involves staying at our facility for eight weeks. It provides 24-hour medical supervision in a safe, stress-free atmosphere that encourages healthy changes in order to achieve recovery.


Our board-certified doctors, licensed therapists and registered dietitians work together to create the best plan for each individual. Through this process, we get to know clients on a personal level. We learn everything possible about their medical and personal histories so that we can truly address the challenges that they face.

Eating Disorder Residential Treatment

As part of this effort, we perform a series of physical and mental health tests. The medical tests evaluate kidney, liver and gastrointestinal functions and electrolyte balance. Based on the results, our team can determine the specific services that will meet an individual’s needs. As the client progresses in treatment, we then can adjust the eating disorder program according to his or her improvements.


Our residential program involves a daily schedule of one-on-one and group therapy sessions that deal with distorted body image and trauma. Also, our registered dietitians provide nutritional education and therapy so that our clients make healthy decisions that rebalance electrolytes and meet their unique nutritional needs.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Our eating disorder programs also include partial hospitalization as a step-down approach to treatment. It’s common and normal for individuals to feel overwhelmed when they return home after a residential program. Transitioning from a stress-free environment into one that might throw a lot of stress their way can make the recovery process difficult. In order to minimize the risk of reverting to old habits, our PHP helps individuals adjust so that they remain in control of their lives.


Our partial hospitalization program includes comprehensive services in a less structured setting compared to residential treatment. While individuals get to live at home throughout this program, they spend five or six days a week at our facility. This strategy allows them to practice the skills that they’ve learned in real-life situations while still receiving guidance.


Individuals continue to receive one-on-one, group therapies and nutritional support. We also provide family therapy so that relatives can learn more about eating disorders and how to be supportive of their loved ones in healthy ways. In addition, we perform medical exams to ensure that we provide the right services for individuals’ needs.

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Finally, our intensive outpatient eating disorder program remains consistent with our continuum of care. Similar to our PHP, it acts as a transition to living at home. While some individuals need to step down to partial hospitalization first, others may be able to step down to our IOP directly after residential treatment.


For this program, individuals will return to living at home. They’ll visit our treatment center only three days a week for four hours each day to receive regular therapy and nutritional guidance. When they aren’t receiving treatment, they’re free to go to school or work, spend time with their families and do other daily activities as they normally would.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Like our other eating disorder programs, we offer family therapy during IOP. We want to make sure that individuals have a strong support network at home to promote ongoing recovery after treatment. It’s our goal to prepare each client for living without an eating disorder.

Intensive Outpatient Program Treatment

Seeking eating disorder treatment is the most important step that you can take. Whether you struggle with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating or other specified eating disorders, our eating disorder programs provide a comprehensive treatment strategy that restores your life and improves your future. Call Eating Disorder Solutions in Dallas, Texas, today to begin your journey to recovery.

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