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Every sixty-two minutes, someone with an untreated eating disorder dies. Eating disorders affect more people than you may imagine. At least 30 million people in the United States are currently experiencing some form of disordered eating. These untreated disorders herald the highest preventable mortality rate out of all other mental health disorders. They can affect men and women of all ages with many people starting down this difficult path in their teenage years.

Because many of the symptoms of eating disorders are silent or easily hidden, you may not recognize when a family member or friend is experiencing one. In fact, you may not even realize that you are struggling with how you view your own body. If you are struggling yourself, you may feel too embarrassed to say something about it to a trusted loved one or to a medical professional. If you are concerned about someone or believe that your eating habits and body image are not what they should be, the proven and effective eating disorder treatment options at Eating Disorder Solutions in Dallas, Texas can help you regain your healthy, vibrant life.

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Eating Disorder Treatment at Eating Disorder Solutions

Seeking eating disorder treatment at Eating Disorder Solutions will help you deal with both the physical and emotional manifestations of the condition. We understand that the feelings you are currently dealing with are very difficult and incredibly personal. You need a customized plan that focuses on who you are, what you deal with every day, how your eating disorder is affecting your social life, work and much more. That is why every eating disorder treatment that we offer here is individualized to each of our clients’ unique needs.

At Eating Disorder Solutions, we will never try to put you into a one-size-fits-all program. Instead, you will always feel heard and understood by our team of health care practitioners. Our goal is to treat you with respect and compassion so that you can excel in your eating disorder treatment journey.

Our professional team is made up of a wide array of highly trained medical practitioners to help you with the psychological aspects of your eating disorder as well as with your physical symptoms and dietary needs.

Eating Disorder Therapy

Of course, we have many other counselors, health care practitioners and therapists working under our core team to provide you with an unparalleled level of care at Eating Disorder Solutions. With a full staff and our commitment to small client populations, you will receive one-on-one, hands-on care so that you can experience long-term success. You can rest assured that we will be with you throughout your entire journey.

Whether you choose us for our personalized eating disorder treatment options, our licensed therapists, our small treatment populations or our wide array of counseling and therapy solutions, you will know that you are in great hands as soon as you step in our door or talk to one of our practitioners.

Levels of Eating Disorder Treatment

The key to success with any eating disorder treatment is to focus on long-term care. Our numerous treatment levels set us apart both locally and nationally because we provide person-focused, comprehensive residential care that empowers our clients for lifelong recovery. We’re here for you whenever you need us, no matter where you call home.

Many of our clients begin with residential treatment especially if they have moderate to severe symptoms. This individually tailored eating disorder treatment plan starts with a complete assessment of your physical and mental health so that we can create the best care plan for you. The assessment may include a variety of diagnostic tests as well, such as laboratory and gastrointestinal testing. You will see a medical doctor, a psychiatrist and a licensed professional counselor so that all of your needs are addressed.

The benefits of residential eating disorder treatment are numerous. First, you will be in a controlled environment and will not be faced with typical daily stressors. Second, you will have a great deal of support from our health care practitioners as well as from other clients. Third, you will be completely safe, and someone will be able to monitor your health carefully.

For patients who do not require residential treatment, we offer our partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs. Both of these treatment levels offer the same compassionate care as residential programs while allowing clients to return home in the evenings. This offers the flexibility to continue tending to other responsibilities and obligations.

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Eating Disorder Treatment Options

Your initial care plan will include individualized recommendations to provide you with the best eating disorder treatment options for your unique needs. Our dedicated medical team will consider your diagnosis, symptoms and any concurrent diagnoses when choosing from the following treatment types.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): This type of psychotherapy helps clients recognize their negative thought patterns and to find ways to replace their negative thoughts with positive ones. It may include talk therapy or even exposure therapy to help individuals learn to cope in their everyday lives.
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT): Also focuses on the negative emotions that clients may feel especially if these emotions result in unhealthy physical behaviors. Individuals learn how to be mindful and how to control their emotions even when they are stressed.
  • Nutritional Therapy: A registered dietitian will help clients craft meal plans that fully meet their nutritional needs while also teaching them how to build healthy relationships with food.
  • Individual Therapy: The client will be able to meet with a therapist one-on-one to discuss personal concerns.
  • Group Therapy: Numerous individuals facing the same struggles will learn coping mechanisms and provide empathetic support to each other during group sessions.
  • Family Therapy: Helps loved ones understand more about the client’s diagnosis so that they have a strong support system after residential treatments.
  • Support Groups: These groups help clients remain healthy even after they have left residential treatment, and they provide a place for family members to be heard.
  • Spiritual Therapy: This therapy addresses the spiritual components of emotions and health and acknowledges a client’s religious beliefs.
  • Art Therapy: Art therapy lets clients get their feelings out or tell their stories through painting, sculpting, drawing or other artistic techniques.
Eating Disorder Recovery

Types of Eating Disorders Treated

At Eating Disorder Solutions, we treat a wide array of eating disorders from the more common problems to the lesser-known ones. All of our eating disorder treatment plans are designed to get to the heart of the problem and to treat the mental and emotional issues present which may be causing dangerous and destructive physical behaviors.

Anorexia nervosa

A common type of eating disorder which presents as symptoms of poor body image, resulting in restrictive eating leading to low body weight. Left untreated, anorexia leads to incredible damage to almost every body system and can even lead to death. However, eating disorder treatments help clients discover healthier ways of looking at their bodies while also improving their health through good nutrition.

Bulimia nervosa

Like anorexia, bulimia also involves a lack of positive body image, but results in binging and purging cycles. Individuals may over-exercise, use laxatives, fast obsessively or even choose self-induced vomiting to get rid of their food and feel better about themselves again. Treatment for bulimia must focus on the underlying mental causes for the disorder while teaching clients about well-balanced meals and healthy exercise patterns.

Binge eating

Similar to bulimia, binge eating disorders involve the consumption of large quantities of food in a short period of time, often accompanied by feelings of a lack of control, shame, or embarrassment. Binges may involve eating beyond the point of discomfort and can cause extreme emotional distress. However, this condition is distinct from bulimia in that it does not involve purging behaviors after a period of excessive eating.

Additional Eating Disorder Treatments

Of course, we also offer treatments for a wide range of other eating disorders and body image concerns, including the following:

Eating Disorder Recovery

When you choose Eating Disorder Solutions in Dallas, Texas, you are choosing an accredited eating disorder recovery center that offers a wide range of care plans. You will benefit from our client-centric treatments, our ability to provide both residential and intensive outpatient care and the dedicated experienced medical staff practicing at our facility. No matter where you are in your journey ,we can help you feel great about your life once again. There is no need to feel embarrassed, nor is there any reason to delay care any longer. Choose Eating Disorder Solutions, and get the help that you or a loved one needs right now.

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