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Casey Walsh Dallas Texas

Casey Walsh, Facility Manager,  started working in mental health and substance abuse in 2014. His intentions when he started were to become a chemical dependency counselor, and he began working in the field immediately while attending school for it. During his schooling, he worked with the Salvation Army and their substance abuse unit. He found that he loved being client-facing at all times, so he challenged himself to find a career that allowed him to be more involved with the clients from day one.

He found an opportunity for something new and fulfilling in his life – a recovery coach role at Eating Disorder Solutions. He already knew the substance abuse side very well and had worked with co-occurring disorders, so beginning as a recovery coach was a role that spoke volumes to him. Now, he’s moved into the facility manager role, allowing him to create lasting, healing relationships with our clients daily.

“My responsibility is to ensure our clients’ time here is safe, healing, and secure. I want it to be peaceful and serene but still add an element of fun and happiness to it. I enjoy planning client activities, such as taking them out on the weekends for horseback riding, food truck outings, or bowling. Coming up with something new on the daily for them to partake in and seeing the joy it brings to them is why I do what I do.”

In his personal life, he enjoys doing outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and kayaking with his wife and son, while also being his son’s baseball coach and throwing partner.