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Lillian and Gordon Ramsey
Lillian has been cooking for over 30 years – she was visiting France at the beginning of her chef adventure and wanted to stay as long as she could. She began working within a small catering company, learning innovative techniques for cultural food types. She then continued her cooking knowledge while attending Le Cordon Bleu, and received an Academic Achievement Award. After that, she worked for Wolfgang Puck Catering at the Academy Awards Governors Ball and the Grammy Awards for a couple of years. She was invited to judge over a dozen cooking competitions including Fox Master Chef with Chef Gordon Ramsay.

She enjoys working with people and learning what their likes and dislikes are in order to prepare food for their needs. She strongly believes food nourishes not just the body and brain but also a person’s soul.

Working at Eating Disorder Solutions has been very rewarding for her, as she feels like she gets to invite people back to eating good food and also back into the kitchen to cook their food. “To see someone relearn to take charge of their life is an amazing experience. It’s a gift to see a person’s journey into their recovery.”