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Mo’s Eating Disorder Recovery

Mo’s journey to recovery began in a very confusing and shocking way – as she initially was looking for help with addiction, but soon found out that things were even deeper than she realized. 

After admitting to Discovery Point Retreat, our partner addiction recovery center, the treatment team noticed she hadn’t eaten for a few days.  A comprehensive assessment revealed that Mo was struggling with an eating disorder. It was critical to address that first before pursuing treatment for substance use and other co-occurring disorders.

Understandably, Mo reacted with certainty that she was not dealing with an eating disorder and thought there must have been some sort of mix-up. But after sitting down, discussing signs and symptoms, and viewing her test results herself – even though it was incredibly difficult to accept at first – she began to recognize that she did exhibit disordered eating behaviors, and she finally began to trust the process in front of her. 

On her newfound journey to recovery at Eating Disorder Solutions, Mo was able to connect with our clinical staff on a much deeper level than any treatment center she had previously visited. She felt seen, heard, and cared for in many ways, and those clear signs of help allowed her to accept what was happening, talk her feelings through, and thrive in her new, healing surroundings. 

Mo was very focused on treating her trauma, which she believed was the root of the problem. As she participated in group therapy, one-on-ones, and self-discovery – she soon realized that her eating disorder had actually been a part of her since she was 13 years old – and that was not an easy reality to accept. With the love, support, and compassion Mo received from her peers and staff, she turned a corner and realized that creating the life she had always wanted was entirely feasible – and it was not something she expected would happen so fast.

“I went through nine different facilities before I found Eating Disorder Solutions. They absolutely checked every single box – and it was a pretty extensive list of what I was looking for. They were the only ones that I genuinely felt were here to help people. They were not here for a paycheck – which many of the others seemed to be. I needed the help, and they had the help. From the very beginning, they’ve been a reliable support system. They helped with every milestone I’ve achieved and with any roadblock I had. At the end of the day, they’re absolutely here to help people.”

Within her testimonial, she discusses her coping mechanisms and how she uses them, as well as how the healing nature of each staff member helped her reach acceptance and recovery without feeling any shame or doubt.

“I’ve seen so many different backgrounds, stories, problems, and behaviors – anyone and everyone who walked through these doors found the help they needed. I’ve seen them turn people’s lives around; they’ve turned mine around. I feel like I got control of my life again. I have clarity; I can problem-solve. There are all kinds of things that I have learned here that will definitely benefit my life moving forward.”

Mo is now ready to take the next steps in her recovery process and feels confident about it.  She has a new perspective on the real benefits of receiving treatment and knows that every single moment in treatment only gets her one step closer to her final goal – freedom within her mind, body, and soul.