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Nikki’s Eating Disorder Recovery

Nearly 80% of eating disorders go undetected. So it’s not surprising that despite seeing doctors and noticing changes to her eating habits, Nikki lived with an eating disorder for several years before realizing something was wrong and that she needed to seek help. The stress and anxiety Nikki suffered from caused her to misunderstand the severity of her condition for years before seeking help. 

When she realized she was battling a serious illness, her therapist researched different eating disorder treatment centers and found Eating Disorder Solutions. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community and with underlying issues that gradually crept into her daily life, she sought a place that accepted her as she was and where she felt safe.

After Nikki was discharged from Eating Disorder Solutions, she leaned back into her unhealthy coping mechanisms and disordered eating habits and decided to return to treatment. Relapse is never easy, and it’s not a part of everyone’s recovery story, but Nikki realized she needed to allow herself to be vulnerable and trust herself the second time around. We offered Nikki our 75 + 75 Treatment Guarantee and she never looked back. 

Her interview highlights Eating Disorder Solutions’ healing and transformative environment and the incredibly compassionate team that made her feel safe, seen, heard, and, most importantly, aided in her recovery. Despite relapse having the potential to be disheartening, Nikki has learned to embrace where she is now, and our team is right beside her, rooting for her every step of the way.  

“I’m actually enjoying life again. I feel that happiness, I feel that joy on a day to day basis. I don’t feel that heavy depression weighing me down anymore, and I feel like I can actually open up and talk to people about the things that I kept inside of me for most of my life. I’m finally where I want to be.”

We’re Here to Help

Eating Disorder Solutions offers personalized inpatient and outpatient eating disorder treatment in the Dallas, TX area. We provide treatment with integrity, promoting holistic approaches that heal the mind, body, and soul. If you’re ready to begin your recovery journey, call us now at 855-808-4213 or complete the form.