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Nicole Hoffman, LPC, LCDC

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Nicole Hoffman, LPC, LCDC, is a knowledgeable clinician who has found passion and dedication in her ability to provide clinically excellent services to individuals with significant mental health challenges.

Early on in her career Nicole saw significant links between underlying trauma and severe symptomology typically seen in high acuity populations. Her experiences working in community mental health were an opportunity to provide services across the lifespan to underserved individuals and families, which also provided insight into systemic issues both in communities and in families. In this work Nicole also spent time working on prevention and intervention initiatives addressing suicidality and early onset psychosis.

In both clinical and leadership roles, Nicole has had the opportunity to serve adults and adolescents in high acuity outpatient settings. She has spent time developing and implementing curriculum for the treatment of complex trauma, PTSD, dissociation, substance use, and disordered eating and ensuring that the curriculum is able to adequately address these issues in LGBTQ and BIPOC populations. As a leader, Nicole prioritizes the development of a healthy work culture and supports her team through ongoing training, clinical collaboration, and maintaining a treatment environment that demonstrates the value of work-life balance in our ability to provide holistic, effective treatment.

In her personal life Nicole enjoys various forms of self-care including reading, spending time outdoors, learning, puzzles, various crafts and caring for her son and their cats, Leo and Bandit, and bearded dragon, Mushu.