Celebrate the End of Peach Season with Fun Dish Ideas

Sadly, peach season is coming to an end as prime peach season is July-August and ending in late September. Peaches are my personal favorite fruit. I love everything about it — the texture, flavor, juiciness, and refreshment that comes from eating a peach! I like to incorporate seasonal fruits into year-long dishes to mix it up and add some seasonal variety! Before it’s too late, go out and buy some peaches! Here are some peachy ideas I love:

Peach Caprese Salad
For an easy, refreshing snack or side dish toss sliced peaches, tomatoes, corn, onion, mozzarella, spinach, olive oil, and salt and pepper to taste!

Peach Pancakes
Fold in peaches to your typical pancake recipe to snazz it up and add a bit more of sweetness to your morning!

Peach Jam
Just 3 ingredients: peach, sugar, and lemon! However, the process is much more time consuming so I recommend asking a pro in the kitchen or watching videos first! But, the time spent is worth the outcome!

Peach Cobbler
Like any Southern girl would say, a good cobbler is always a crowd pleaser! Celebrate the end of peach season with a tasty cobbler for dessert!

So what do peaches “bring to the table”? Peaches are high in magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and some B vitamins! They are also a good source of fiber with help in digestion and supports gastrointestinal health! Peaches also have antioxidants, which helps protect against oxidative stress to protect the body from aging and disease. Step outside your comfort zone and add fruits to everyday dishes!

Emily Baum, M.S., RDN, LD