Intuitive Eating – Part 3: Make Peace with Food

Intuitive Eating - Making Peace With Food

In this week’s entry on Intuitive Eating, we will discuss the third principle, Making Peace with Food.

Tribole and Resch, authors of, “Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program That Works,” speaks of intuitive eating and the dangers diet culture can have on an individual’s relationship with food and mental health. Making peace with food allows food to be what it is, energy for the body. Tribole and Resch describe different eating processes of the pre-diet phase, known as “Last Supper”, and diet phase, known as “Rebound Eating”. These eating styles often lead to over-eating and feelings of guilt and shame.

“Last Supper” eating involves consuming foods on the “restricted” list, often in large quantities, before the start of the diet. This involves eating as much of whatever he or she would like, as much as he or she may like, even when not hungry, in preparation for not being able to have these foods. However, this can lead individuals to consume thousands of calories before restricting their diet for the week, often to the point that the calories consumed in one day make up for the restrictions for the entirety of the rest of the week.

“Rebound Eating” reminds me of what people often call “cheat days”; however, this can occur unexpectedly whereas “cheat days” are often planned. Dieting, or restricting certain foods, can cause you to feel a loss of control when you do eat foods on the “restricted list”. This then reinforces to individuals “I can’t have that food because when I do, I have no control”. However, it is often the fact that you are not allowing yourself to have all foods that cause the over-indulgence. It’s the belief at that moment it will be the last time you are allowed to have that food so you must eat as much as you can.

Giving yourself unconditional permission to have all food makes food what it is, energy for the body! Make peace with food to honor your body, mind, and spirit. You may find that you do not feel the need to over-indulge. You may find that you do not deserve to feel guilty because of what you ate. You will begin to separate emotions from food and start the process of intuitive eating.

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