Meditation and Chakras: Moonlight Sea

Moonlight Sea

Last week we talked about our root chakra and the nerves at the base of our spine. In this article, we will move things slightly upward and all the further on as you continue on your journey to healing through meditation.  As always if this is your first time here, welcome! Please go ahead and go back to the beginning of this series so that this will make sense to you. As for our regulars, welcome back, and I hope life is treating you well!

The Chakra

The Chakra

This week’s chakra is called the Sacral or Svadhisthana. It is located in the area where your intestines are kept, just below your belly button. The energy housed here has to do with creativity, emotions, adaptability, and passion. It is the center for water in your spirit: just as water can thrive in difficult situations: transforming into ice in the cold, retreating into plant life in the desert, falling away into mist in the heat, so too does your energy possess the power to change and survive.

This chakra is likely blocked and in need of your attention if you find yourself having excessive guilt, apathy, or only finding happiness in the past; if you constantly find yourself retreating to your memories thanks to the dissatisfaction of your present, instead of moving forward to a better future.

The Nerves

The Nerves

The nerves found here control the intestines, kidneys, and promote the relaxation of your bladder. Health issues in this area generally mean poor digestion, swelling in the ankles, frequent bouts of nausea, weakness, and an overactive bladder. Just like your root chakra, hydration and fiber will be a big help. With this particular nerve cluster, however, it usually means your cultures (the bacteria that help you process food) are out of balance, so adding things like yogurt, kimchi, and pineapple to your diet can improve them over time. I cannot stress enough that if you are having symptoms like this, you need to seek medical care. Nothing can replace the medical expertise of your doctor, so please be sure to do these things in tandem with advice from a medical professional.


Meditation 1 As always, find a place where you won’t be disturbed for around 20 minutes, and sit down in the lotus position. Start by closing your eyes, and evening your breath: in through your nose, out through your mouth.
This will take as long as it needs to, do not rush this part. Make sure to only focus your thoughts on the intake and outtake of air. It’s okay if your mind gets distracted with a train of thought, just do your best to guide it back to the ins and out of your lungs.

Once you are breathing in as much air as you are breathing out, and are no longer taking deep breaths, you know you’re ready to begin.

While keeping your breathing, I want you to picture yourself sitting on the beach in front of a vast ocean under a moonlit sky. Hear the gentle whisper of the waves. See the silky lunar light play on the planes of water in the distance, accompanied in a celestial dance with the pinpricks of starlight. Smell the salt in the air. Feel the tide, as it pulls in, brushing against your knees and feet, pleasantly warm to the touch, then pulling back out into the distance, the air gracing your skin in the water’s absence. Just before the air brings you too much cold, the ocean comes back to warm you. You are present to the eternal back and forth of the vast and ethereal blue.
Once you are fully immersed in this world, you need to deepen your breathing so it moves in time with the tide before you. As you change your breath, continue to imagine this scene and let it become more and more real to you, with each and every gasp of air.

Once your breathing is one with the push and pull of the water, put your arms forward out in front of you with your palms flat, elbows locked, and fingers up. On one of your breaths in, I need you to bring your hands back to you, turning them upside down with your fingers facing down towards your stomach, palms facing your body as your elbows bend back until they are pointed out to either side of you. Then, lift your hands up the sky with your palms facing above you and stretch your arms until your elbows are locked again.

Meditation 2

On your breath out, do the opposite and return your hands back down to your chest, your palms facing outwards. Then push your hands out until your elbows are locked once again.

This motion and breath is the action of you taking in the ocean with the tide to cleanse you, and returning the water once you are done. I want you to continue this motion and breath 5 times. Picture yourself bringing in the ocean over you and breathing it in on your intakes of air. See it and feel it travel down to your Sacral chakra and churn within it, purifying it with the awesome power of the ocean. On your breaths out, let the water return to the sea from your body through the air, as you push the tides back with your hands.

If after five repetitions of this motion you “feel” you still aren’t done, continue until you know you are ready. Once you feel you are as such, open your eyes and “return” to the world around you. You have now successfully cleansed your Sacral chakra and stimulated your nerves!

Until Next Time

Repeated use will do more to cleanse your emotions and help with your creativity. It should also help with your digestion and kidney health. Next week we will continue our journey upwards to your other chakras and nerves. I hope this brings you a fresh breath of the salty sea air and brings you closer to the happiness you so deserve. See you soon!

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