Meditation: The Method

The Method

If you came from the previous article where we talked about the hallmarks of this meditation, welcome back everybody! If you are new to our series, I encourage you to go back to our previous blog post to learn why and how meditation works.

Today in our series I will be showing you the basic method of meditation that we will be using for each specific chakra and/or cluster of nerves in the body.

When done successfully, this meditation takes you into a state of hyper focus that lasts around 20 minutes. My hope is that you will use this state in your journey to recovery; it has many uses such as helping you process your emotions, remaining calm in stressful situations, waking yourself up more holistically in the morning, and so much more.

Our session will last anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes, so be sure to find a place and time where you will not be distracted. As we discussed, imagery and suggestion are essential, so whatever helps you “feel” like you are at peace, make use of it. Some people light incense and candles, some people like wind chimes and fresh air: it doesn’t matter what it is, so long as it brings you the calm you are trying to achieve. I would strongly suggest using music: it lends itself to be powerful in helping one meditate. You can easily find several playlists already set up for meditation on YouTube or Spotify if you’re having trouble picking anything out, and don’t be afraid to email me for my personal choices!

Once you have prepped your area, sit down on the floor in the lotus position:

Lotus Position
Your back straight and legs crossed over each other. Your hands should be resting on your knees with palms facing upward, your middle fingers lightly resting on the thumbs of their same hand. Comfort is more important than form here, so if you find this position too awkward, adjust it as necessary. As long as your back is relatively straight and your fingers are in the same place, you can still achieve this state. Your back being straight helps the flow of energy through your chakras and your finger pressing your thumbs helps you to stay awake. If you feel your finger pressing deeply into your thumb you know you’re about to fall asleep and need to shake off your fatigue before returning your fingers to a light press.

Once you feel comfortable, your first step is to lower your blood pressure and regulate your breathing. Start by closing your eyes and breathing in through your nose, and out your mouth. Comfort again plays a big part here: breathe as deeply or as shallow as you prefer; the goal here is to eventually even your breathing. It is also super important to make sure the air is always entering your nose and exiting your mouth throughout the meditation. If you feel your breathing change to something different during this exercise, don’t beat yourself up, just gently guide it back to this pattern.


As you are balancing your breath, add imagery to what you’re doing. Try to imagine you are breathing in light, happiness and other positive feelings; liquid joy. That you are breathing out darkness, doubt, and the miasma of fear. Continue this process for as long as it takes for you to notice that the breaths you are taking are quiet and have an even intake and outtake of air. It will take as long as it must, don’t try to rush it.

Once you feel your breathing is stable (remember to keep it that way throughout this), try to imagine something that makes you happy, and that you see as a purifying force. Some people imagine a radiant star, some a flowing globe of water, I’ve even seen someone use a teddy bear that they grew up with, it doesn’t matter what it is: as long as you feel it will bring you inner peace. For my descriptions of this process, I’ll be using a small flame the size of one you’d often see from a candle. Adjust your imagery accordingly to your specific “force” throughout the rest of this exercise if you use something different, or just feel free to use the candle flame.


I want you to picture that force coming to life before you, becoming more and more real, tangible with every breath you take. Hear the flame crackle and dance back and forth, swaying in the breeze of your breath. Feel the heat of the flame gently warming your face.

Once the picture is real, and fully formed before you, shrink it to a small size, and when you’re ready, on one of your breaths in, let it flow on the air through one of your nostrils, left if you identify as a woman, right if you identify as a man ( If you’re somewhere else on or outside the gender spectrum just go through whatever nostril is on the same side as your dominant hand).

As the candlelight travels on your breath up your nose, have it stay just past the bridge once the air reaches it. After that, move your candlelight from the bridge of your nose to the spot that is between both of your eyes. Once there I want you to slowly hum the mantra “Aum” (pronounced aaahh—oooohhh—mmmmmmmmm ) three times. Be sure to accentuate the “m” to the point where it is surging through you. (I know this may seem odd to sit there and chant, but just as delta waves can soothe the mind, or as a song can quiet a child, this vibration helps to calm you, and the chant itself is used to cleanse your energy, so give it a shot) As the vibrations travel through your body, I want you picture your candlelight pulsing in time with those vibrations from where it is in your forehead; picture the candle flame burning away all negative feelings, shining light to scatter all of the darkness in your mind.


Once that step is done (make sure you are still breathing appropriately), have the little fire travel to the very top of your head. Say Aum three times once again, letting your candlelight pulse with the vibrations of your mantra. Let it burn in a crown upon your skull, banishing negative energy with each repetition of the word.

Next, move the candlelight to your voice box, and say Aum three times again. Let your voice resonate with the sounds of the phrase, let the warmth of the candle soothe your throat with each saying. Once again, when you’re done with that, move your flame to the next area, the center of your rib cage. Say Aum three times yet again. Let your heartbeat dance to the rhythm of the mantra, to the flickering of the flame. After that, move the fire to the spot just below your waist where your intestines are housed. Repeat your mantra three times.

Proceeding that, take your candlelight to the end of your spine at your tailbone. Let it pulse with another three sayings of Aum. Solidifying with growing force, the fire bringing stability to a mighty foundation of your body. Lastly take your candlefire to the spot between your navel and the bottom of you rib cage, where your soul, the core of who you are resides. Say your mantra as many times as you want here, letting the vibrations cascade through you’re entire being, suffusing every pore, channeling in your skin, burning with the gentle power of the sun.

Once you have repeated the mantra to your satisfaction, open your eyes, you should feel a calm catharsis, as if your awareness is sitting on the clouds, taking in the majesty of the world beneath you.


You have successfully meditated! Practice makes perfect, and the more frequent you meditate, the easier you can call forth images, the faster you will bring your self to calm, the better at it you will be! With daily use, it has been scientifically proven to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, improve memory, and help with mental illnesses.

In our next blog in this series we will be breaking down each of the chakras/nerve clusters we used in today’s meditation. Each one has a specific spiritual and physical significance that you can use to find out improvements you can make to your life to bring you all the closer to health and inner peace.

Out Streached Arms

I genuinely hope this brought you happiness and will see you next time!