National Recovery Month: 6 Ways to Celebrate

National recovery month from binge eating disorder.

Happy National Recovery Month. I’m very excited as this is an amazing opportunity to give back to those who supported us through tough times, practice remembrance of how far we’ve come, get involved with the community, and educate. Let’s get out there, show love and make a splash.

National Recovery Month: Celebrate Yourself and Your Loved Ones

Recovery Month celebrates the strides made by those in recovery, just as we celebrate health improvements made by those who are managing health conditions. All the hurdles, up’s and down’s to overcome are a tremendous accomplishment no matter how small the steps are. Whether it’s medical conditions, mental health, substance abuse, and more let’s observe how far we’ve come in our own personal journey. Overall health is worth investing in, preventative care works, treatment is effective, and recovery is always possible. Ways to care for yourself and recognize perseverance can change from person to person. It may look something like:

  • Gathering with friends and family
  • Practicing mindfulness
  • Making a gratitude list
  • Having an at-home spa day
  • Treating yourself to something new
  • Rockin’ out to your favorite tune’s

Snapshots about what recovery means to Eating Disorder Solutions and professionals we work with. Let’s take a look!

“I bring a wealth of personal experience and a true passion for substance abuse recovery. Having been in recovery myself for 7 years, I have vast experience with different aspects of the recovery process. In my supportive role, I have worked closely with individuals while encouraging and guiding them in all areas of their lives. I am, also, focus on each individuals’ strengths to empower and support them to make their own positive and healthy choices. I greatly value my own loving and supportive family, so I strive to help others establish meaningful relationships in their own lives. I enjoy many amazing and new experiences as a result of the gifts I have received in my personal journey of recovery.”


“Recovery means being able to be fully present and authentic to myself. It means showing up for myself and checking in with myself on what I need, and knowing that my needs may never be the same. It means I’ve come home to myself, and that foundation can never be shaken again.”


“Recovery to me is freedom, hope, and a sense of peace like I’ve never experienced before. Once you get a glimpse of the beautiful life that is waiting for you on the other side, recovery is worth every challenge you face along the way. “


“The courage and inner strength it takes to walk the path of recovery deserves nothing less than the greatest respect.”


“Recovery means resilience.”


Celebration can look different to everyone so set aside some time this month to rejoice in yourself. If you or a loved one is struggling with an eating disorder or maybe has taken a few steps back- call us. We’d love to help you regain your celebration after all doesn’t everyone deserve to recover?