New Year 2020

The countdown to the new year has begun! New Year is sparked with the question “What are your New Year’s resolutions?”. Everyone has heard of “New Year, New Me”. But what does that mean? In our society, diet and weight loss are typically the most mentioned resolutions. “I want to eat healthy, lose weight, and exercise”. New Year’s resolutions are often hyped up so much and so different from your current lifestyle that they typically are unrealistic and thus unattainable.

Example: “I want to exercise more and eat healthy”. (Side note: I am using this resolution because it is the one most frequently talked about). Next step, “I will join a gym and exercise 5 days a week. I will not eat out during the week and meal prep for every meal”. Sounds easy, right? Well, the first few weeks it usually works out great. You have a surge of motivation because it’s the New Year and “New Year, New Me” right? However, reality and life starts to set back in and you slowly stop exercising as much, meal prepping, and it’s much more difficult than you realized. So now this happens: “Ehh, I’ll start back up next week or next month” and slowly that resolution is far in the rearview.

I believe in the importance of making life goals that align with your values and working towards them. You do not have to wait for a new year, a new month, beginning of the week, or a new day to improve your physical and mental health. You also do not have to set a resolution (cue mind blown emoji)! We have the power to choose that now is the time to make change.

So how do you set realistic, attainable New Year’s resolutions or general life goals? First, I encourage you to really ponder this question. What are your goals, no one else’s? Second, reflect on these goals and what you are gaining from them? Do these goals align with your beliefs and values? Will these goals help me work towards becoming a happier, more fulfilled version of myself? If yes, then go for it! Third, how do you reach them? We reach goals by setting small, realistic intentions. Make a plan. Write it out. Do what you need to do to make it a priority. Fourth, is the action phase! Go for it! Lastly, reassess! Throughout the action phase, you may find that you need to adjust your goals to fit your personal needs. And that is more than okay! Reminder: you do not need a new year, a new month, beginning of the week, or a new day to improve your physical and mental health!