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Overcoming Eating Disorders Together

At Eating Disorder Solutions, recovery is a community effort. We believe by addressing and processing feelings such as shame and guilt, we can begin the journey to recovery.

Residential treatment allows clients to step away from everyday stressors that influence the eating disorder and create a supportive environment, conducive to therapeutic change. Residential treatment offers continued support and guidance with an individualized treatment team including a psychiatrist, medical doctor, licensed professional counselor, and registered dietitian. Our clinical team is here throughout the day to provide group and individualized education and counseling. Together we will foster an environment for each individual to regain control of their lives.

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What to Expect During Residential Treatment

Eating Disorder Solutions offers residential treatment for all types of eating disorders including: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, avoidant restrictive food intake disorder, eating disorder not otherwise specified, and more.

We provide a full continuum of care with our multidisciplinary treatment team to meet the needs of each individual client. We implement an evidence-based, client-centered treatment program to promote long-term mental and physical recovery. 

Our 8 week residential eating disorder treatment program begins with a comprehensive medical exam and mental health evaluation. This includes liver and kidney function, electrolyte balance, urinary analysis, gastrointestinal testing, as well as a physical. Clients meet with our psychiatrist and licensed professional counselor to assess mental health. Based on these measurements the treatment team will formulate a care plan tailored to reach each individuals goals.

During residential treatment, clients participate in group and individual therapy throughout the day with a licensed professional counselor and/or registered dietitian. We provide meal and snack choices for the clients to choose from with the support of his or her dietitian that reaches each individual’s needs.

Experienced Clinicians

Our team includes eating disorder specialists ready to provide comprehensive, trauma-informed care.

Personalized Treatment

Because we understand everyone’s recovery journey is unique, our team takes the time to learn about each client’s history and individual needs for a fully optimized treatment program.

Quality and Safety

At Eating Disorder Solution, our dedication is to each client’s journey and ultimate success.

Confidential Care

Our residential facility is privately enclosed to provide the privacy and security one needs to focus on overcoming anorexia, bulimia, and all other types of eating disorders.

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