Because It Tastes Good: Brunch!

Eating Disorders and How to Handle Brunch

Welcome to this week’s edition of Because It Tastes Good! This week I will be discussing brunch and how it fits into the diet! Brunch can be particularly challenging if you struggle with an eating disorder because what is it? Breakfast? Lunch? Or (like it sounds) both?

First, brunch does not count as two meals. It is simply one meal at a different time of day that is typically “stuck” between breakfast and lunch. This gets confusing because what time do you brunch? Everyone has brunch at different times and it tends to be a longer meal as you get to relax, take your time, and enjoy the company of others! Side note: this may not be applicable for every person as I know plenty of people (without an eating disorder) who indulge in brunch and it is there breakfast and lunch. However, those in recovery, especially early on, need to stick with their meal plan and schedule to stay on track!

So, how do you incorporate brunch and have it fit your meal plan? First, make sure you wake up with enough time to have breakfast. If you are having brunch say at 10:30 or 11 am and you usually have a snack at 10am then maybe it is ok for you to incorporate your snack into brunch. However, if it is around noon or your regular lunchtime then “brunch” has just now become lunch! Plate your meal like you would any other meal. Want a little extra? Go for it! It is one meal out of the whole week. You are allowed to enjoy food. I always ask what sounds good to YOU, not your eating disorder, and choose that. If you are feeling anxious then stick with your meal plan that you and your dietitian have agreed upon. There is no shame in playing it safe if that means keeping you on track to recovery!

Brunch can also mean a mimosa or bloody mary. Keep in mind this is not a replacement for your meal, but rather an extra! Again, it is one meal. So that being said, enjoy yourself!

Emily Baum, M.S., RDN, LD