Because It Tastes Good: Donuts!

Because It Tastes Good - Donuts!

I often hear why or how certain foods fit into the “diet”. And when I say diet, I mean what we eat in general. This edition of Because It Tastes Good we will talk about donuts! Growing up, donuts were a Sunday morning staple! I looked forward to having donuts with my family in the morning because first, donuts are delicious, and second, it was a weekend treat to look forward to!

This past week at Eating Disorder Solutions, we discussed how donuts fit into the diet. If you have read my blog before, I’m sure you know what I will say — “because it tastes good!” Donuts are typically a “fear” food for most individuals with an eating disorder. So what do we do with our fears? We face them! Ignoring foods on the “bad” or “unhealthy” list only reinforces that these foods are “bad”.

To help keep you feeling satisfied, make sure to pair your donut with a protein such as sausage! And keep your plate colorful with some fresh fruits! Now that’s what I call a delicious, balanced breakfast!