Intuitive Eating – Part 6: Discover the Satisfaction Factor

Discover the Satisfaction Factor

This week, we will review the 6th principle of Intuitive Eating: “Discover the Satisfaction Factor.” If you have read the previous blogs on intuitive eating (listed below), this principle will sound familiar! Principle 6 reminds us that food is meant to be enjoyed, a topic often discussed in intuitive eating. So how do we discover the satisfaction factor in a society that typically deems “tasty” food as “unhealthy” or “bad”? If you practice the principles of intuitive eating, you will realize that the eating experience is more than “just the food”. I encourage you to be mindful of all of your senses. You may ask yourself the following questions to be in tune with your environment to make the eating experience more enjoyable.

First, ask yourself what do I want? Am I choosing foods based on the “food police” or preference? Practice choosing foods that you genuinely enjoy and pairing these foods with different food groups to make sure you are receiving a balanced meal.

What does the meal look like? Do I have a variety of food/food groups? Imagine a plate with grilled chicken, cauliflower, and rice. Does this plate look appetizing? Now imagine a colorful plate. Perhaps salmon (red/pink) seasoned with oils and lemon, spinach salad with feta and strawberries (green/bright colors), and a side of seasoned potatoes. Does this plate look appetizing or invoke a more enjoyable meal?

What are my surroundings? Am I eating in my car, cluttered room, or living room with the television on? Take a moment to set aside time to sit down and eat in an inviting environment. Notice the difference in these eating experiences. There is a reason dining out at a fancy restaurant at night is lit in a calm dark room. There is a reason we eat finger foods at sporting events where we are sitting and standing in a loud, cheering crowd. Because food and the eating experience is more than “just the food”. It involves all of our senses!

Throughout the meal practice mindfully eating. Take note of the aroma, taste, texture, smell, appearance, and temperature of the food. Now, without judgment and allowing yourself unconditional permission to enjoy all foods, do you like the taste of the food? Take time throughout the meal to remind yourself of these senses. Check-in with your body’s hunger and fullness cues throughout the meal. Food is and can be enjoyable!

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