Meditation: The Voice in Your Soul

Meditation: The Voice in Your Soul

Hello everyone and welcome back to another meditation session! Last time we went over the nerves and chakra that have to do with your solar plexus. This week we are moving on to your throat. As ever, if you are new here, please take the time to go back and read previous entries so you will understand what I am going to teach you today. For all of my regulars, I hope this finds your week giving you heaps of joy!


The area we are focusing on today is located on and around your voice box. The nerves you find here control your jaw, tongue, and most notably, your thyroid.

Some symptoms you might be experiencing if this area needs attention are dry skin, degraded taste buds ( you don’t taste things a profoundly as you used to, as if everything seems bland) a noticeably hoarse change to your normal voice, and imbalances in your thyroid. Either it is overworked (hyperthyroidism) or underworking (hypothyroidism). Your thyroid is responsible for regulating your metabolism, which presides over how you process energy, your body’s temperature, digestion and much more. It will be suffering if you are constantly too hot, or too cold, you find yourself constipated or irregularly frequent bowel movements, muscle weakness, sleeping far too much or too little and menstrual changes in women.



Outside of seeking medical care (which I will yet again, make it a point that you should always seek a doctor’s advice over anything medical), Improving your thyroid depends on how it is unbalanced. If you are suffering from it being too high, I would suggest eating more frequent and smaller meals throughout the day, working naps into your schedule, adding more protein to your diet, and adding more food that improves the cultures ( good bacteria in your stomach): yogurts, cheeses, and nuts. If you are suffering from the other end of the spectrum, try to eat larger meals fewer times a day, increasing your potassium and caffeine intake (bananas, coffee, green tea,) adding fiber to your diet and improving your hydration



This chakra has a lot to do with your individuality/creativity and communication. It is the primary source of akashic energy and another way point for your soul. Just like your voice, no two souls are the same. Everyone has their own unique vibrations. Your words are what cross the barrier of the physical to the spiritual; they came from the sounds in our throats but manage to touch ethereal things such as our hearts and minds. Your soul is the very same in that it may be housed in your physical body, but it transcends to other realms.


You may find this chakra in need of a perk up if you find difficulty in expressing yourself: you won’t draw, dance or sing for fear of it not being good enough, you leave a lot of words left unsaid so you don’t bother others, and/or you are always trying to be what you think others think you should be.

Beyond the meditation I am about to teach you, some ways you can improve this chakra would be to do more expressive things and not worry if they are adequate. Your spirit craves to express itself, who cares if you can only draw stick figures, or dance the robot, just express! Let yourself make mistakes, let yourself have fun! Conquering your fear of inconveniencing others, and putting too much of your identity into others opinions however, will take a lot more time and patience. You need to learn to be yourself, and only answer your own ideals: not when a magazine tells you to lose a few pounds, or someone tells you that you talk too much; you’re going to have to learn to only listen to the voice in your heart instead.

Chakra 2


Like with every meditation, I need you to find a time and space where you won’t be disturbed for ten to fifteen minutes. Sit yourself down in the lotus position, close your eyes, and we will begin by leveling your breathing. Take a deep breath through your nose, and exhale for a lengthened time out through your mouth. Let your breath naturally become shallower as you continue this pattern. If you find your mind wandering away from your breathing, guide it gently back to focusing on the flow of air through your body. Once five minutes have passed and there is a slow and even intake and outtake of air, you are ready to begin.

I want you to picture yourself sitting on top of a lily pad in the middle of a pond deep within a lush jungle. Lose yourself in your imagination as you try to bring your mind more into this reality. See the trees rising up around you, letting warm afternoon light dapple through the canopy to brighten the waters: a shining masquerade shimmering in lazy beauty. Hear the sounds of nature playing their quiet yet steady symphony: a group of birds call out in song; a frog adds his own baritone solo to the concert as crickets make their presence known in pockets of your circle of awareness. Smell the flowers of the other lilies in the pond compete for your attention; each bud bringing its own unique scent that sends shivers on your skin in the sensation of it all.

When you feel yourself fully immersed, on one of your breaths in, I want you to bring your arms up from your knees and hug yourself, and on your breath out, say the chant Ham ( pronounced Haaawwwwwww—mmmmmmmmmmmm ) as you bring your arms out to your sides as if you are pushing away walls (Make sure that you do these motions slowly). When you are hugging yourself, I want you to picture deep azure petals sprouting from the lily pad below and enclosing over you. Imagine feelings of self-love and adoration. On your breaths out, I want you to picture the great petals blossoming outwards, your hands moving your voice out into the area around you. Watch the vibrations of your own unique self cause ripples in the water, making small waves that reach out to the other lilies. On the “mmm” of the chant picture it vibrating into the flowers upon those lilies bringing them to life.

Repeat this chant and hand motion for at least 5 times, more if you feel you want to keep going. Once you feel you are ready, open your eyes and come back to the room you started in.


In Closing …

You have yet again completed another session! Try to use this meditation when you feel you are about to have a difficult conversation, experiencing a block in what to do in your next project at work, or struggling to find what makes you happy and are just going through the motions. I would honestly try and take the time to do this at least once a week before your days off: it’s so easy to get lost in your work and responsibilities: you deserve some time to get back yourself.

Next time we will move onto probably the most popular chakra of all, your third eye. Until next time, have a beyond fabulous week!

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