Meditation: Opening Your Third Eye

Opening Your Third Eye

Meditation: Opening Your Third Eye

Welcome back everyone! Last time we worked on you getting your inner voice back with your throat chakra. In this entry, we are going to meditate on the ever popular third eye and go over a few ways to open yours wide to the wonders you have within.  Please take the time you need to go back and read the other entries in our series if you haven’t already done so that this specific blog will make sense. I hope this will bring you some well-deserved relaxation and kicks off a fantastic week for you!



Located in the spot between your eyebrows just above the bridge of your nose, the tasks given to your nerves here are to constrict your pupils, stimulate your saliva glands, and regulating your vision. This chakra is a bit unique in that you will also be stimulating in tandem with said nerves. Not surprisingly, this part of your body lords over major functions of your mental health: your emotional reactions, judgement, problem solving, and language just to name a few.

This area is likely in need of attention if you struggle with impulse control, word vomit (mixing of the words in your sentences) and/or vivid nightmares. You seem to get angry and cry at the drop of a hat. You can’t stop yourself from adding to cart or taking just a few more bites even though you’re full. You have nightmares almost every night. If any of those situations strike a cord with you I implore you to seek psychiatric and medical help; a doctor’s and a therapist’s wisdom should far exceed my own advice to you in priority.

As far as my advice for amending these symptoms, I would:

  1. Practice a consistent sleep routine; go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning.
  2. Add more aerobic exercises to your routine; things like swimming, jogging, and jump roping.
  3. Try to add more physical contact with other human beings in your life. Lack of human contact has been shown to literally degrade your brain. Don’t be afraid to ask the special people in your life for more frequent hugs, or even some platonic cuddling whilst you watch a movie together.
  4. Try to improve your ability to multitask; practice things like juggling, mixing your chores together such as cleaning up as you cook etc.
  5. Chamomile tea, turmeric, tomatoes, dark chocolate, blue berries, pistachios, and fish oil supplements are all things you can add to your diet that improve your frontal lobe function.

Chamomile Tea

The primary energies that are housed here consist of light, intuition, and imagination. Just like light, your intuition reveals things that were once out of your reach of awareness. It helps you see what lies ahead so you can make the next best step.

A few signs that you need to bring balance back into this area are:  experiencing frequent migraines, you are often paralyzed by choices, have a bad habit of manipulating others, and of course, your foresight never seems to pan out the way you predict.

It will take a lot of investment to improve this chakra, but a big step like I stated above, would be to seek a therapist; having an objective third party to help you sort through your mind is probably the paramount of improving your mental health.

Beyond that, I would try to expose yourself to more intuitive things. Have fun with astrology, go visit a psychic, get into crystals, anything to help you get lost into the energy and magic of the world around us.

Chakra 2

Just as always, find a place where you won’t be disturbed for at least fifteen to twenty minutes. Sit yourself in the lotus position and begin by evening your breathing. Start with deep breaths in through your nose, and out of your mouth. To truly get into the appropriate state of focus and calm, try to spend about five minutes on this breathing. Let your breaths naturally shorten and gently bring your mind away from all thoughts and distractions to just the act of you inhaling and exhaling air. With your energy and breath balanced it’s time to begin.

I want you to picture yourself blanketed in darkness. You are floating in the pleasant sea of silence that visits you every time you sleep. The rhythm of your breathing is the only sound that accompanies you in the perfect canvas of the night. In this stillness I want you to take the time to notice the flow of energy coursing through your body. Moving like a river, it ever churns and beats in a pattern kin to your breathing. In this darkness you should find it all the easier to hear it, to feel the always present power that has been with you since your genesis.

Turn your attention specifically to the flow of your energy in your arms as you bring your hands together in a praying stance. After that, press your thumbs back into your chest. Feel how the energy moves from your thumbs back into your chest, streaming to the beat of your heart. Next, on one of your breaths in, move your hands (maintaining the prayer pose with your thumbs back) up to your third eye itself, the space of skin between your eyebrows. A few moments after your thumbs touch your skin again, you should feel the flow of energy entering this spot. I now want you to imagine a great violet flower appearing unbloomed and encasing around your thumbs. Feel the soft velvet touch of the petals, a whisper of dew trailing down your fingernails, then take your next breath out.

Meditation 2
When the flower is present in your mind, almost too real to just be imagined, on one of your breaths in I want you to picture a pure, bright light suddenly bursting into being within the flower, radiating in a shining glory. On your next breath out after that, I want you to chant the word Om (pronounce it like oooooooohhhhhhhh-mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ). During your chant, picture your flower blossoming, bringing the first known light to your darkened world and spread your hands and arms out to either side of you. Take a moment to enjoy the sight of your shimmering star adding a sense of serenity to that peace of sleep; shooting out comets into the darkness in a cosmic dance.

After reveling in your cascade of light, bring back your hands into the prayer position with your thumbs on your third eye. On a breath in, picture a new set of azure, dark sapphire petals encasing the purple ones that you just opened.  Repeat the sequence you just did with the new petals; blooming anew as your spreading hands give birth to a new star seed. Even more light joining the cosmos of your creation.

Repeat this process five more time for the rest of the colors of the rainbow (Baby blue, Emerald green, canary yellow, tangerine orange and ending with a bright cherry red set of petals).  The flowers continuing to grow big enough to surround your already present petals. After the last flower, take all the time you need to continue to breath in and out as you bathe in the light until you feel the sense of peace you were looking for.

Upon completion, come back to the room you started in; you have yet again completed another meditation! Beyond bringing balance to your third eye, this meditation is useful for easing the stress of making major life decisions, feeling creative blocks, or anxiety.

In Closing …

Next week we will be moving on to the next step of this journey: your crown chakra. I hope to see you there, and that today’s meditation brought you one step closer to the destination of inner peace. Have a beyond amazing day!

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