Meditation: Grace of Air

Meditation: Grace of Air

Meditation: Grace of Air

Welcome back to another week of meditation everyone! Last week we covered working on your crown chakra. At our last stop we will focus on bringing some love back into your life with the nerves of your heart and your Anahata chakra.

Just as with each intro, if you are new to this, I must ask you to go read all the other articles in our series for the info in this one to make sense. As for my regulars, I hope this finds you having a fantastic week: let’s get started!


The cluster of nerves that exist along with this chakra are in the center of your chest, between either side of your rib cage. They are responsible for helping your lungs, heart, and arms. They are also responsible for the suppression of your saliva production, and the dilation of your pupils.

Meditation: Grace of Air 1

They are likely unhealthy and in need of your attention if you have breathing issues (asthma or easily losing your breath), cardiovascular problems ( irregular heartbeat, heart palpitations etc.), you salivate easily or excessively, and/or you struggle with seeing in the dark: poor night vision, you find yourself needing brighter light settings on your technology more than the next person etc.

As always, I must remind you that my advice over your medical health will pale in comparison to that of a doctor; so please go see one If you struggle with any of these issues. Coupled with a visit to your physician, I would suggest doing these things: improve the air quality in your home by using air purifiers, or adding a lot of house plants, adding more cardio work outs to your weekly routine, drinking more water, and/or brushing your teeth with more frequency.

Meditation: Grace of Air 2

The Anahata chakra is the center for air energy and perhaps more importantly, love in your spirit. Much like love, even though you can’t see air, you can still feel it; It brings you life, and fuel to your heart and mind.

You should seek to bring balance to this area if you struggle with co-dependence, manipulating and lying to others with frequency, feelings of unworthiness, and/or failing to place trust in yourself or others.

Meditation: Grace of Air 3
Beyond this meditation I will show you, I would suggest working on speaking your truth more frequently: don’t stay silent for the sake of someone else’s comfort when you yourself suffer. Find the bravery to tell others what they may not want to hear, practice love with yourself: forgiving your mistakes, purging negative self-talk. As I mentioned in a previous entry, the further up your body we move, the more heavenly/intellectually complex your chakras will be. A lot of what it will take to bring you peace in these areas requires a lot of soul searching. For example, even though I gave you suggestions on how to help bring love to your heart, only you can understand what having love in your life means to you specifically.



Like our other meditations, start by finding an area where you are free from interruption and distraction. Sit down in the lotus position and even out your breathing. Deep intakes through your nose, and out your mouth. Let the pace of your breathing flow naturally from deep, to shallow, and be sure to keep your mind focused on this task. If it somehow wanders into thoughts or daydreaming, gently pull yourself back to the expansion and compression of your lungs.

Once the air going in through your nose and out your mouth is evened and your mind if focused, you are ready to begin.

Meditation: Grace of Air 4

This time I want you to picture yourself floating on a cloud. Surrounding you is a blanket of snow-white mist that even though ephemeral, somehow supports you. Other clouds float slowly around you, shaping themselves into a puffy masquerade of comfort. Feel the air of the skies grace your skin, popping goosebumps from your pores. Feel how clean the air is with each breath, a satisfying bite on your tongue like mint. Imagine with it playing with your hair, making it dance in time with the flapping of your clothes. See the world far below you, trees and fields like a green and brown quilt, but have no fear, the cloud blanket holds you close like your bed: warm and inviting, refusing to let you go on a cold morning. Work on continuing to pick up new details in this world around you, smell the water in the cloud, see the mountains in the distance, make this more and more real to you.

Meditation: Grace of Air 5

Once you feel you are fully immersed in this reality, I want you to start adding motion and meditation to the continued intakes and outtakes of air you are so focused on. During one of your breaths in, I want you to flap your arms as if they were wings. On their way down in the flapping motion, bring your hands to center of your chest. Imagine as if you are catching air with your hands during that motion and bringing it back with you. Feel the pure and undiluted atmosphere swell within in your chest, expanding it almost like helium.

Meditation: Grace of Air 6

During your breaths out, chant the word Yam, while holding the m for an extended time (pronounced Yyyaaaaaawwwww—mmmmmmmmmm ). Repeat this hand motion and chant up to 8 times, more if you “feel” it’s needed.

Once you feel alert and focused, open your eyes and come back to the real world. You have successfully completed this meditation! I would suggest using this when you feel lonely, or in need of some self-love. Any time you’ve had a rough day with a lot of negative self-talk, or unconstructive criticism, give yourself ten to fifteen minutes to sit down and use this meditation to bring some love back into your spirit.

Meditation: Grace of Air 7
In Closing …

I have legitimately looked forward to writing these for you and get giddy at the thought of them bringing more peace into your life, but most of all I hope I have fueled your curiosity; these are just eight out of the limitless number methods out there and you deserve to find the path that works best for you. May this ending of our journey together, find you at the start of a new one in finding inner peace.

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