Meditation: Crown of the Universe

Meditation: Crown of the Universe

Meditation: Crown Of The Universe

Welcome back everyone! Last week we spent some time learning to open your third eye. In today’s further exploration into meditation, we will learn about the nerves and spiritual significance of your divine connection to the universe: your crown chakra! Like always, please give yourself some time to go back and read the previous entries so that this will make sense to you.


Crown Of The Universe 1
This area is located at the very top of your body; right in the center of the “crown” of your skull. Like your third eye, bringing stimulation to this area activates something different than nerves; in this case the parietal lobe and pineal gland of your brain.

The parietal lobe has many responsibilities, but the ones we are particularly focused on today are the integration of all the senses of your body. In example, how something can smell “hot” or how your brain is able to interpret the space it sees with the eyes to inform your arms how long they need to reach for them to touch something at the end of that space, or even how pain can seem to “travel” around your body.

Crown Of The Universe 2
The pineal gland controls your melatonin production. For those of you who don’t know what melatonin is, you can think of it as the chemical that regulates your sleep and wake cycle: you need to wake from sleep or to be able to enter the state of sleep in the first place.

Some symptoms that could indicate you need to bring some healing to these parts of your brain would be: insomnia( you just cannot fall asleep at night), struggling with waking ( you seem to stay inordinately tired long after you get up for the day), you have occasional blurry vision, or excessive nerve damage.

I cannot stress enough that these symptoms are serious enough that you should go see a doctor if you are experiencing any of them, this blog shouldn’t be your only answer to treating them. With that in mind, I would suggest taking these steps to help your brain out in fixing up these locations:

  • Taking the supplements Vitamin B1, B6, B12 and niacin.
  • Adding foods and drinks rich in antioxidants (green tea, blue berries, dark chocolate) milk, whole grains and eggs to your diet.
  • Exposing yourself to nature on a more frequent basis; taking a fifteen-minute walk in a park laden with trees will do your mind a million wonders of good.


Crown Of The Universe 3

The energy that makes its home here goes by many names: conscious, chance, fate, cosmic, divine. For the purpose of understanding it however, I want you to think of it as the building blocks of the universe around us. It is responsible for patience, forgiveness, being able to move forward, and your purpose. Just like this energy, your conscious is the culmination of your sensations, and memories: this is the “you” that experiences the universe you live in.

You should spend some time working on this chakra if you feel you lack direction or purpose in life, find yourself stunted in your beliefs, hoarding a lot of possessions, or you significantly struggle with impatience.

Crown Of The Universe 4

Some ways to deal with all of this? Try to employ things like the Kon Mari method with your possessions: take the time to familiarize yourself with every single little thing you own and decide why it is you keep it, and whether or not you should. As far as patience, forgiveness, and moving forward, you need to start making your mental health more of a priority with things like therapy: these things come only with a lot of introspection and therapy provides you an objective party that will help you notice the patterns and behaviors that are causing you to struggle with these concepts ,that way the next time you get into a losing staring contest with a clock, or struggling to accept an apology you will be more ready to cope.


As with each meditation, find a time and place where you won’t be disturbed for the next fifteen to twenty minutes so you can immerse yourself in the imagery and rhythm all the easier. Sit down in the lotus position and close your eyes. Begin by balancing your breath; take deep cleansing inhalations through your nose, and exhale out your mouth. Do your best to push all thoughts and images from your mind, until you are thinking of nothing but the flow of air coming in and out of your body. Once there is an even intake and out take of air, and your breaths have taken on a more shallow quality, you know it’s time to begin.

Crown Of The Universe 5

I want you to picture yourself sitting near the top of a snowcapped mountain in the twilight of a long day passed. Laid out before you is a powder white plain that beautifully speckles with the soft and fading oranges and pinks of the sleepy sky above. Feel that you find the cold relieving, having just bathed in the power of a late evening sun; it bring chills of relief to your skin, adding a satisfying bite to the sweat beading down your forehead. Hear that same wind steadily streaming past you, a constant white noise that makes the snow below occasionally dance in eddies, your own private, wintery ballet.

Now I want you to picture the sky becoming more steadily dominated by the purples and blacks of the night, with ever more present tiny pin pricks of stars spawning into existence, casting silver defiance to the coming darkness. Then suddenly, the last ray of sunlight descends below the horizon, and in its place bursts forth a cosmic dance the likes of which you have never seen ; aurora lights billow forth in the cradle of the night. A kaleidoscope of colors bedazzles your eyes, greens, purples, yellows, colors you’ve never seen stream out in curtains the eventually dominate the entirety of the air around you.

Crown Of The Universe 6

Now on one of your breaths in, bring your hands forward into a praying pose, and as you do so, picture the light out in the distance flowing towards you fingers as they enter the pose, and beginning to stream into your skin once your fingers are together, pleasant warmth and liquid joy coursing through your veins.

On one of your breaths out, I want you to spread your hands out exultantly above you, reaching them to the sky as the light that was within you bursts out of your fingertips, all the more radiant and splendid with the colors of your own spirit having graced them, and say the chant auma, prolonging the last a (pronounced like aaaaaaahhhh-oooooooohhhhmmmmm-aaaaaaaaaaa).

Crown Of The Universe 7

Then as you take your next breath in, bring your hands back into the prayer pose, as more light from the auroras come into you once again. Repeat this sequence of chanting and hand motion for at least five times, longer if you “feel” the need. Give yourself time to relax; get lost in the bliss of the magic all around. Once you feel a sense of steady and unyielding calm, or feel you are done, open your eyes and “come back” to the room that you started in.

In Closing …

You have now once again succeeded at another meditation! I would suggest making use of this one when you are feeling particularly lost, or emotionally overwhelmed/ numb. Have a beyond amazing day!

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